We Bring iPhone Files back from the Dead

On the Apple event today presented the technology giants, including a new operating system for iPhone and iPad. Meet iOS 9.3.

It is not very different from the previous operating system 9.2.1. But even if you get sick of your phone to ask you, let it update every few hours, changes in iOS 9.3 are certainly important. Do not hesitate to update at the moment.


install ios 9.3


More importantly, iOS 9.3 fixes a bug in a critical security iMessages. Without the fix, pictures and videos that you send to other iPhone users vulnerable to an attack that hackers can get your encryption key. To completely seal the safety issue and not be susceptible, with each user message also has upgraded to iOS 9.3, the iPhone. Mobile Apple software updates fix almost always some vulnerabilities, which is one of the reasons why it is actually really, really important, with the latest version.

Moreover, fixing flaws, the new iOS also has some nice features that you want to get on your feet. But first we will go ahead and get installed the new operating system.

To update

If the update is available, Apple will send an alert to your phone. You can also check your application settings, to see if there is a small red plaque alarm, telling you it is time to update. Even if you do not see the warning, you can force your device manually updated. After downloading the update, restart your phone. This will cause in a few minutes, without something to keep to service in mind when you are waiting for something important to someone.

Back up your data. It is good to ensure that all your photos, music, settings, contacts, and with your old operating system will not go away. You can save via iTunes or iCloud.

Connect the device to the charger or the computer with the latest version of iTunes. to the Internet via Wi-Fi or open iTunes and connect.

Find the software update. Tap Update Settings> General> Software. then download and install. If you are connected iTunes, find your device. Then click Overview Check for Updates.

Clear space. They can be invited for a free space to make room for the update. The phone gives you the ability to temporarily remove the applications and reinstall after upgrade. Alternatively, you can make space by deleting files manually.

Plan for later. If you really need now your phone after the software update is downloaded, you can later install the software. iPhones give the option of a night (leave your device in a charger at bedtime plugged) or remind you to install later.

What's new

The new operating system is pretty rad! It extends the 3D touch functionality for multiple applications to access applications on the Apple devices much faster. The update also adds Touch ID fingerprint Apple locks for the Notes application, and it works like your phone from the home screen unlock.

But the coolest update Nightshift, a new feature for iOS, which account for the research, the blue light found at bedtime to rest a less peaceful night. New features automatically adjusts to the brightness and warm colors after sunset on the screen.

Further updates make recommendations based on your location in the car Apple carplay, more personalized healthcare app Apple recommendations as well as some cool new app improvements of training to help the shares ease between iPads and makes it easier to create for the iPad lessons.

Lost Data during the iOS upgrade

Each IOS upgrade, many users feedback they lost their iPhone data in the apple support forums. Wrong operation and upgrade failures, network outages and other reasons may lead to your data is lost in the upgrade process. If you are also faced with this situation, here are several ways to recover your lost contacts, messages, photos, notes and more. Recover iPhone data solution